I’ve broken my fast! Yay. Okay yeah, a couple of days before my intended time but I’m not really sad about that. I started puking bile on day 17 and it was really bad last night. My dad, bless his soul was really worried and went on and on about how I’m becoming sick but puking bile is completely…

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Anonymous said: Should I first lose the weight that I have to lose (with a proper diet and cardio exercises) and once I've reached my goal weight, start doing strength exercises? Or should I do both cardio and strength while losing weight? Thanks! your blog rocks :)


You can do both!! If you have a lot of fat, you won’t see your muscles changing fast, but they do! So when youve lost the fat, you don’t have to wait so long to see your muscles if you already train them now!

Too much gym time will hurt you



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A lot of newbie gym goers think that for them to achieve their goals immediately, they have to hit the gym “more than frequently,” even if their bodies are already hurting immensely.

The body needs rest, and giving it endless repetitions of iron-lifting…